Have you ever been stuck on a frozen screen and you have tried everything you possibly can to by pass it? There is still hope to escape from the frozen screen.

There is a built-in application called the ‘Task manager” on a Windows or the “Activity Monitor” on a Macintosh that will help exit out the frozen application that you are on.

If you are on a Windows computer, press “CTRL + SHIFT + ESC” on the keyboard or right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.

If you are on a Macintosh computer, you search for the “Activity Monitor” from the spotlight or through Finder.

Once the application loads, you can see a list of all the running applications on your computer. Select the application(s) and click “End Task” on the Windows or “Force a Process to Quit” on the Macintosh to close the application.

Voila, you have successfully closed the frozen/non-active application.