One of the most common questions asked by I.T. support professionals is, “Have you tried rebooting?“. A simple reboot can fix a company issue 80-90% of the time believe it or not. Whether your computer issue is related to networking, graphics, slow performance, faulty programs, or the Windows Blue Screen of Death, most likely rebooting can resolve the issue.

Not only does this method will work well on computing devices, but also extremely effective on a wide range of devices such as, routers, smartphones, tablets, and even software.

Here are some of the common issues, users experience on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Device is experiencing slowness or that it is constantly freezing.
  2. WiFi stops working or running slow.
  3. Windows blue screen of death appears.

In most cases, the root causes can often be attributed to human error. The technologies that we revolve the world with are designed and programmed by humans. There can always be a flaw found hence why there are always fixes that can help resolve these issues.

Remember to reboot your device!