Malware is becoming increasingly harder to find in computers. It is so easy for malware to be on your computer without you even knowing it but they are so good at hiding in plane sight that we just overlook probably the deadliest types.

The deadliest type of malware depends on what information is most sensitive on your device. If there is any type of financial information, then that could make spyware the most dangerous type of malware to that specific type of user. The most common spyware are web browser add-ons and plugins. Especially the third-party ones, they can relay your information to an untrusted sources and companies, they can watch your surfing habits too and collect all manner of information about you from you. What really makes Spyware the one of the worst type of malware is also because it most happens over the internet. Meaning that who ever you like to connect over the internet can also become a potential target for spyware, and from thereon, its just a chain reaction of connections that pass this spyware around.

blog-malwareWe need to be careful of what we do on the internet because you don’t know who is watching you, and we also need to caution children, kids and young adults because anyone can become a potential spyware target.