The internet plays a vital part of many lives and many of us use it constantly throughout the day. It is important to know that, the constant usage has increased the risk of viruses and malware infection. Viruses and malware can lead to potential data loss and even identity theft. Here are some tips and tricks that can potentially prevent from being attacked.

  1. The number 1 rule of thumb is to avoid clicking on ‘everything’. There are many websites that contains thousands of banner ads, popups, suspicious links that are designed on purpose to get your attention to click. Certain browsers now are designed to help block popups and will also prompt you before you want to download a file off the website.
  2. Beware of popups as they can be misleading. There are many websites that has popups and are designed to mimic the look of legitimate anti-virus software or free downloads to stuff. When you click the popup, potentially the adware is installed on your computer. If you noticed suspicious activities on your computer, quickly inform your IT professionals regarding this matter.
  3. Consider a safer browser choice when you are browsing the internet. You are left vulnerable when you are using Internet Explorer or an older browser (e.g. Netscape or Safari for Windows). The recommended browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera is much more secured than the older browsers made before.
  4. Do not go on illegal sites. Viruses are illegal and they thrive on illegal sites. It is highly recommended that you avoid sites that allows you download free software, movies and etc.

Just remember to not let these viruses and malware strangle you in knots. Contact your IT support professionals at Call4pchelp as soon as you discover suspicious activities!