For everyone that uses technology, we know how important quality can be us. It means longer usage life for our tech, but does quality always have to come with a high price? No, it doesn’t always, BUT it pays to do some research before you purchase any type of tech.

Things to lookout for when buying a laptop is: Processor, RAM, Peripherals, and hardware quality.

It must have good speed that is over 2.0GHz and more than 2 cores.

Never settle for any type of Laptop that has under 4Gb of RAM because what ever type of tasks you are going to be handling 4Gbs of RAM will be sufficient. More Ram is Better.

A laptop with a good range of Peripherals is best. Although CD Drives are becoming a bit old, it is still good to have one. Multiple USB ports, and an Ethernet cable port. There are also some other things that you may need such as a SD card reader, VGA port etc. but those are not as crucial as a USB, CD drive and Ethernet ports.

Hardware Quality
Any brand that is dependable. Such as Asus, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Toshiba, and etc.