Razers is known for showcasing the most breathtaking innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show. One of the biggest announcements made is new three-monitor-notebook called Project Valerie.


This is the future of multiscreen computers. What makes this computer the future is how seamless the design, how powerful the computer itself is, and the resolution of all 3 screens combined.

Each screen has a 1080p HD resolution. This could very soon replace workplace computers that need more than one screen. Another advance feature reported is that this new technology is portable; meaning you can take your work with you anywhere you go and access to local files. Apart from its features, its functionality is what excelled.

Working on three screens is better than working on two because you have more space. It also has more practical business office use. By having three monitors, not only do you have more screen space, but you can give presentations to small groups of people without spending big bucks on a projector and other accessories used to present. This new computer technology could replace dual monitors in few years to come.